ZONQ MOTOR CO.,LTD. launched the "Charity One Day Donation" public welfare activity



As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a better world. In order to actively respond to the call of the Lu'an Economic Development Zone Management Committee, give full play to charity work in alleviating the poor, improving people's livelihood, and promoting the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the core of socialism The positive role of values ​​and other aspects has stimulated everyone's enthusiasm for participating in the "Charity One Day Donation" activity, forming a strong atmosphere in which everyone is charitable and everyone participates in charity.

At 10:00 am on December 17, 2018, the company organized and launched the "Charity One Day Donation" activity in the conference room on the first floor. Do your part, the funds raised this time will be handed over to the charity account of the Development Zone in time. Although the total number of donations is not large, it is enough to express our company's charitable intentions. A little love will gather into an ocean of love. We hope that this love, It can bring warmth and hope to the poorest people in need.

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